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BNC VC Group hosted by Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg
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2 N. Lasalle, Chicago, IL
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Tuesday 5/2/17, 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Host Sponsor
Neal Gerber Eisenberg

Digital Decider.  Many buying decisions have too many unfamiliar options and factors.  Online shoppers want to save time while feeling that they've make a good choice.  Merchants want to quickly connect their customers to the right product and encourage commitment.  Digital Decider™ is a virtual shopping consultant.  It quickly leads customers down a smart decision tree and then makes a targeted product suggestion.

We are selecting 2 more!

Want to present at a future meeting?  Send your executive summary and pitch deck to lminkus@conceptequity.com

If you can't make this one, join us on 6/6/17.

Latin American Chamber of Commerce - loans, contract procurement, and business consulting.
Business and Contract Consultants
Loan and Business Consulting

Grow Revenues Scale Business Get Funded
Grow Revenue

Concept Equity Group
Strategic and Financial Advisory

Winner - Pay Your Selfie.  Take Selfie, Get Paid.  Pay Your Selfie consults with brands to understand their marketing objectives. They craft a selfie task that would underscore that objective or pull in information that they're looking to understand or deliver the brand engagement that they want.

JourneyPure.  Traditional addiction treatment fails 60% of the time.  At JourneyPure, that's a relapse percentage we won't accept. Commit to your own recovery by teaming with our world-class caregivers at any of our treatment facilities and in turn, receive one-on-one relapse recovery support for a minimum of one year at no additional cost using our JourneyPure Coaching™ app.

Givenly - We help organizations build and nurture loyalty in their professional network by making it convenient and simple to send personalized gifts to their important contacts throughout the year.

Also  -   Neal Gerber & Eisenberg discussed how important preparation was for good negotiations.  Know your own numbers. Know the market. Know your story. Know your zone of agreement. Get an idea of what the other side's zone of agreement might be.

Make sure you check with Neal Gerber & Eisenberg to protect your interests.
Evening Meeting includes hor d'oevers and beverages
Questions? Call Len Bland at 847-317-0656 or write len_bland@conceptequity.com 
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