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2 N. Lasalle, Chicago, IL
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Tuesday 3/7/17, 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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Neal Gerber Eisenberg

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If you can't make this one, join us on 4/4/17.

Latin American Chamber of Commerce - loans, contract procurement, and business consulting.
Business and Contract Consultants
Loan and Business Consulting

Grow Revenues Scale Business Get Funded
Grow Revenue

Concept Equity Group
Strategic and Financial Advisory

GrassPass - The world's first cannabis app with a subscription paln for any budget and lifestyle.  GrassPass offers an easy location-rich and insider experience for savvy cannabis consumers - all through the power of a membership program.

Nuni Toaster -  The original tortilla toaster.  Authentic taste begins here. There are a few ways to prepare tortillas at home, such as in a pan, on a griddle, or by using a microwave. When tortillas are placed on a griddle, or what is traditionally known in the Hispanic community as a comal, the results are hot and crispy texture. When tortillas are placed inside a microwave, the results are often unevenly cooked and less than desirable texture. This new device combines the quality you get from a stove with the convenience of a microwave. Viva la tortilla!

eFuneralPlan - We seek to enhance and alter the funeral business. With that in mind, we're not in the business of funerals. Our business lies in lead generation and market creation. We intend to develop a real-time quoting system that actively syncs our consumer to their desired funeral home.

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Evening Meeting includes hor d'oevers and beverages
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