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12/4/18, 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Three  companies will present in the usual BNC format.  

They each will have 10 minutes to answer the following six questions:

What's the product or service?
Why will the customer buy it?
What's AMAZING about the management team?
How does the company make money?
What traction does the company have?
How does the investor make money?

The 15- 20 minute structured Q & A with the audience, surrounding the six questions, will follow each presentation.



is revolutionizing the corporate travel industry by dramatically reducing the cost and complexity of booking business travel. Using state-of-the art artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies, Compass3 provides a user experience never before achieved. For the first time, a user can talk, text, chat or email a travel request to an Artificial Travel Secretary who immediately puts together the ideal itenerary, 100% compliant with the company's travel policies. The whole process typically takes less than 60 seconds, compared to the industry average of 60 minutes for a single booking. Not only is the booking process convenient, but the technology platform saves companies real money (i.e. typically 33%) by selecting the best hotels with the best pricing in real time. No more cumbersome, inflexible and featureless corporate booking platforms. Welcome to the revolution! 

Life Settlements Exchange Inc.
70% of all life insurance policies written, lapse, never paying out. Life Settlements Exchange (LISSX) is creating national registered exchanges along with Data and Analytical platforms to allow the Globally $1 Trillion in Face Value that lapses Annually a secure, efficient, regulated and easy to understand way to be brought back to market.

Cliqueshare - 
Cliqueshare is a visual communication and collaboration tool for businesses to share creative assets in a secure and private manner.  Text-based platforms and image storage applications are inefficient and not designed for visuals as a primary medium of communication and collaboration in business applications.  Cliqueshare provides a trusted image focused hub, designed to increase efficiencies of team collaboration and enrich client relationships through improved visual communication.

Cliqueshare's founders have each created and exited their own businesses.  Now they have joined together to use their unique and complimentary skills to create Cliqueshare, bringing visual communication and collaboration into focus.

If you can't make this meeting, join us on TUESDAY, January 8th.

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Latin American Chamber of Commerce - loans, contract procurement, and business consulting.
Business and Contract Consultants
Loan and Business Consulting

Grow Revenues Scale Business Get Funded
Grow Revenue

Concept Equity Group
Strategic and Financial Advisory

Kazoom Kids Books - 
KaZoom Kids Books Inc., is an interactive, digital publishing company that is changing the face of children's literature by promoting greater inclusivity of multicultural communities. The company's flagship product is the KaZoom Kids iStoryBooks App, an ever-expanding library of multicultural interactive books delivered via their own custom reading app. The company publishes children's books for ages 3 to 8. The books engage a child with sight, sound, music, touch and Interactive technology. KaZoom is penetrating a large, but essentially unaddressed market in the publishing industry. 

SymSoil - 
With 5% of all food sold certified organic, biofertilizers are a $1B industry, growing at 40% per year. SymSoil Inc has patented a scalable process to manufacture the most valuable and sought-after type of biofertilizer, with the lowest costs in the industry.
SymSoil cultivates regionally-specific soil microbes, trapped in the wild, and blends these microorganisms, minerals and proprietary materials into low value commodity compost, creating an engineered soil for specific crops and conditions. Landscapers using non-potable water and cannabis growers are early adopters.  Farmers converting from conventional to organic farming create a several billion dollar opportunity. 

CareBand - 
CareBand is a behavior analytics and care management solution for senior living communities. Built for seniors living with dementia, CareBand provides real-time indoor and outdoor location tracking without wifi or cellular, a nurse-call button and AI-based analysis of activity patterns to help caregivers identify early changes in condition. CareBand enables seniors living with dementia to remain safe and and provides peace of mind for caregivers and families.

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