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4/3/18, 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Veterans Night

Three  VETERAN OWNED companies will present in the usual BNC format. 

They each will have 10 minutes to answer the following six questions:

What's the product or service?
Why will the customer buy it?
What's AMAZING about the management team?
How does the company make money?
What traction does the company have?
How does the investor make money?

The 15- 20 minute structured Q & A with the audience, surrounding the six questions, will follow each presentation.


FanFood  -   Order your favorite concessions directly from your smartphone  
Say goodbye to waiting in lines! With the FanFood app you can watch more of the action and never miss the big play - They help stadiums build amazing experiences! If you saw them in September, they've since successfully closed their round and are organizing their next round. They've also added more stadiums to their customer base.
Shurpa  We Make Delivery Delightful
Shurpa is changing the way online purchases are delivered. They design consumer-centric delivery operations that yield faster shipping times and better experiences for customers, allowing companies to compete on the only physical touch-point of e-commerce. Shurpa is the ultimate last-mile solution for ecommerce. They are changing the way purchases are delivered with powerful tools for people who sell online, while also providing matchless transparency and control for consumers.
Elite Amateur Fight League  -   The Future Fights Here
The Elite Amateur Fight League is a nationally competitive team based Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) organization comprised of individual teams to form a league. Each team is made up of 7 fighters, one per weight class. Their format is similar to the most successful sports leagues in America. In season two, teams will participate in a playoff style tournament to determine a champion. Their league is designed to improve the amateur MMA landscape by providing a platform for national level talent to compete against each other and gain national level exposure while providing fans of the sport a single portal to watch the future stars of mixed martial arts.  

If you can't make this meeting, join us on WEDNESDAY, May 2nd.

Venture Shot Calendar - Brown Bag Lunch March 15th....    
Latin American Chamber of Commerce - loans, contract procurement, and business consulting.
Business and Contract Consultants
Loan and Business Consulting

Grow Revenues Scale Business Get Funded
Grow Revenue

Concept Equity Group
Strategic and Financial Advisory

3RCardio   develops and commercializes innovative multi-sensor cardiovascular medical devices for optimal diagnosis and therapy of heart diseases, to improve the  lives of patients.
What if, instead of exercising, we could just PLAY? SymGym is a fun, new way to play games, compete with friends, and workout using a resistance based exercise device, video game controller, and gaming platform. Instead of tedious treadmills, you get a fun and immersive experience that's both interactive and social WHILE getting a workout.

The interactive, augmented reality workout is based on the SymGym controller. SymGym uses bodily movement to control video game actions to make your work out interactive. By using a range of resistance that incorporates game level and game action, lifting heavy objects are now harder to move than lighter objects and running uphill requires more effort than running downhill.

Dimensionally Yours A New Way to Purchase Furniture
You wouldn't buy shoes that are too big or blinds the wrong size for your windows, so why buy furniture that doesn't fit your space? Dimensionally Yours uses a unique design and manufacturing process that allows you to choose the furniture you want in the exact size you need it.

Dimensionally Yours manufactures custom sizes to order and sells direct to the consumer. They avoid all the middlemen that add non-value adding supply chain costs. By streamlining the business model they are able to use higher quality materials and construction methods than the competition.

Make sure you check with Freeborn  to protect your interests.
Evening Meeting includes hor d'oevers and beverages
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